Siniora Food Industries distributes USD 7.3 million in profits to its shareholders, representing 23.63% of the company’s paid-up; 10% as cash dividends amounting to USD 3.1 million, and 13.63% as three million bonus shares

Siniora Food Industries held its general assembly on Thursday, April 19, 2018, in Amman, Jordan. The general assembly, which was chaired by Siniora Chairman Tarek Omar Aggad, ratified dividend distribution of 23.63% of the company’s paid-up capital; 10% as cash dividends amounting to JOD 2.2 million (USD 3.1 million), and 13.63% as three million bonus shares, thus increasing Siniora’s paid-up capital to JOD 25 million (USD 35.3 million).

Siniora’s general assembly also ratified increasing the number of its board of directors from five to seven members and elected Ms. Lana Ghanem (Managing Director of Hikma Ventures) and Mr. Amin Abdulrahim (General Manager of Perfetti Van Melle – Middle East & Africa) as new independent board members in compliance with corporate governance regulations of public shareholding companies issued by the Jordanian Securities Commission.

In his statement, Aggad stated that 2017 was full achievements for Siniora despite the constant regional challenges. He added that the Siniora group achieved net profit after tax of USD 6.6 million in 2017, a growth of 98% year on year, while net profit attributed to Siniora’s shareholders amounted to USD 6.43 million, marking 108% growth over 2016. Total revenue grew by 17% year on year and amounted to USD 78.5 million in 2017. Total assets amounted to USD 86.31 million as at December 31, 2017, an increase of 3% over 2016. Net equity attributed to Siniora shareholders amounted to USD 47.33 million as at December 31, 2017, an increase of 11% over 2016.

Aggad added that the strategy put in place by Siniora’s management to foster and increase its market share at local and regional levels has paid off, as apparent by the significant results. He confirmed that the company has maintained its leading position in the Jordanian and Palestinian markets. Regional sales in 2017 grew by 29% compared to 2016, supported by Siniora subsidiary Diamond Meat Processing Company (Al Masa) in the United Arab Emirates, which was acquired in 2016 to expand regionally with a focus on Gulf markets as well as to target new ones. He also pointed out the increase in sales of the company’s frozen meat products in the Jordanian market in 2017, which marked 12% growth compared to 2016.

Siniora CEO Majdi Al Sharif said that the significant growth in Siniora’s results came as a result of an increase in the production capacity of its factories as well as the regional expansion of the company. He added that Siniora subsidiary Diamond Meat Processing Company (Al Masa), which is based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, has been accredited by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority to export its meat products to Saudi Arabia. Siniora also purchased a 3,500-square-meter warehousing facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at a total cost of USD 2 million, a move that is in line with Siniora’s expansion strategy in the region, which will focus on Gulf markets. The company also purchased a 11,590-square-meter plot of land in the Sahab Industrial Estate in Amman, Jordan, at a total cost of USD 1.55 million, as a preparatory step towards expanding its plant in Jordan in the future.