APIC supports national efforts with more than USD 1 million in fighting the corona pandemic

Palestine – Chairman and CEO of Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) Tarek Omar Aggad announced that the company continues its support of the Palestinian government, helping them fight the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic by providing cutting-edge laboratory equipment to the Ministry of Health to examine and diagnose those with corona virus. In addition, the company also donated ventilators, provided intensive care units with all necessary equipment and supplied protective suits and masks for medical staff. Aggad noted that many of APIC’s employees are working around the clock to secure additional medical supplies and equipment needed by the Ministry of Health.
Aggad added that APIC group has donated hundreds of food packages to support more than 1300 families in need as a result of the current and exceptional circumstances. The beneficiaries live in governorates most affected by the corona virus, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah and Al Bireh, with many of them under quarantine. To date, total support for Palestine comes out to more than USD 800,000. Furthermore, APIC subsidiary Siniora Food Industries donated JD 200,000 to the Jordanian Ministry of Health to support its efforts in fighting the pandemic in Jordan.
Aggad said, “It is everyone’s duty to provide all possible support and assistance during this difficult time. APIC’s support today represents a small part of its national and humanitarian duty towards society and our people, and we stand hand in hand to control this pandemic, sparing no efforts to donate more and to overcome this crisis with minimal damage.
Palestinian Minister of Health Dr. Mai Al Kaila thanked APIC, represented by Tarek Omar Aggad, for the group’s generous and much-needed support, which has had a positive impact on the role played by Ministry of Health in fighting this disease and limiting its spread in Palestine. Dr. Al Kaila spoke of the efforts of the ministry and government in combating the pandemic, adding that Palestine stands at the forefront of countries in establishing precautionary measures early on. Dr. Mai Al Kaila also called on the private sector to support national efforts to control the virus within the available capacity of each company.