APIC Achieves Net Profits of USD 8.31 Million by The First Quarter of 2021, a Growth of 62.4% Year on Year

Chairman and CEO of Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) Tarek Aggad announced that the group achieved net profits after tax of USD 8.31 million by the first quarter of 2021, a growth of 62.4% compared to the same period of last year, with net profits attributed to APIC shareholders reaching USD 7.2 million, a growth of 72.9% year on year. Total revenues grew, amounting to USD 259.8 million, a growth of 19% year on year.

APIC is a foreign public shareholding investment holding company listed on the Palestine Exchange (PEX: APIC). It holds diversified investments across the manufacturing, trade, distribution and service sectors in Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Turkey through its nine subsidiaries, employing over 2600 people through its group of subsidiaries.