APIC Provides Strategic Support to the Job Creation Program Designed by Riwaq

Ramallah – The Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) announced its strategic support of the Job Creation Program, which aims to create job opportunities through restoration, through a three-year strategic agreement with Riwaq – the Center for Popular Architecture in Ramallah.

The agreement, signed by APIC Executive Vice President for Operations of the Holding Company and Business Development Nader Hawari and Riwaq General Manager Shatha Safi, will assist the center in its mission of preserving Palestinian architecture by restoring, reviving, documenting, and conserving the cultural and natural heritage in Palestine.

Riwaq’s Job Creation Program focuses on maximizing manual labor, reviving crafts related to construction work, heightening the use of traditional and local materials and architectural elements produced locally by providing job opportunities for workers, and ultimately contributing to supporting the Palestinian economy.

During the meeting, Hawari expressed his happiness at the partnership with Riwaq , saying, “This type of partnership is necessary for our society. RIWAQ’s role is not limited to restoration only, but also to reviving the recollection of generations with the beauty of traditional Palestinian architecture and consolidating our national identity.” Hawari also highlighted the significance of the program, which provides training and employment opportunities for members of the community and works to improve the economic situation of underprivileged Palestinian families.

Also at the meeting, Safi spoke of her appreciation for APIC’s support, saying: “Riwaq thanks APIC for its strategic support for the program, which will go towards organizing technical work sessions for workers in the field of restoration and traditional crafts used for construction, and ultimately support the preservation of Palestine’s cultural heritage.” According to Safi, “APIC’s support will give young individuals the opportunity to develop practical skills in restoration. We are happy with Riwaq and APIC’s joint vision to build capacities and raise the competencies of Palestinian youth.”

APIC, as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, has forged strategic partnerships with charitable and humanitarian institutions that play an active role in society, helping them achieve their missions in the education, health, and cultural sectors.

Riwaq is a non-profit organization based in Ramallah whose goal is to protect and develop the architectural heritage in Palestine by harnessing the energy and skills of students, architects, archaeologists, and historians. Since 2001, Riwaq has restored more than 130 historic buildings and converted them into community centers through the Job Creation Program, providing more than 500,000 days of work for Palestinian youth.