APIC launches two initiatives to implement psychological first aid and urgent community intervention projects in the Gaza Strip

Ramallah, Palestine, 4 March 2024 

In response to the profound psychological distress and the unfathomable impact of ongoing aggression on families in the Gaza Strip, Tarek Aggad, Chairman and CEO of the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC) announces the launch of two pivotal projects aimed at delivering Psychological First Aid (PFA) and urgent community intervention. These initiatives are set to reach around 7,000 women and children, providing them with critical support amidst the unprecedented suffering. 

These projects, to be implemented in cooperation with the Palestinian Counselling Center, the Culture and Free Thought Association, and Give Palestine, will be carried out by a group of specialists and social workers in the Gaza Strip with extensive training in psychological intervention, including addressing cases of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and irreparable childhood trauma. They will offer a suite of interventions tailored to the acute needs of those most vulnerable, particularly children and mothers enduring relentless psychological, mental, and physical strain. 

“The psychological ramifications of this war extend beyond our comprehension, leaving deep, unhealable scars on thousands of families among our population, especially among our children”, stated Mr. Aggad. He further emphasized the critical nature of these interventions: “Providing Psychological First Aid is not just a necessity—it’s a duty to our people enduring what can only be described as an unparalleled human tragedy”.  He also called for mobilizing all efforts to ensuring access to food, clean water, shelter, medicine, and, fundamentally, psychosocial support in the face of this ongoing tragedy. 

Mr. Faiq Hamayel – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Counselling Center, thanked APIC for their pioneering role in supporting development and relief projects in Palestine. He also thanked them for their quick response in answering the call to support our people in Gaza, and for their continued cooperation in implementing relief projects. 

Ms. Rajaa Shaath, Director of Give Palestine, emphasized the need to continuously support mental health programmes, and underline the importance of psychological and social support through professionally qualified social workers for the Palestinian community.