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Mona AlQutob
Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Mona AlQutob has over 17 years of expertise in sustainable development and social responsibility. Prior[...]

Ramez Abu Ghazaleh
Internal Audit Manager

Ramez Abu Ghazaleh joined APIC Group in November 2019, with more than five years of[...]

Fida Musleh/Azar
Investor Relations and Corporate Communication Manager

Fida Musleh/Azar’s expertise spans over 27 years in the fields of corporate communications, investor relations,[...]

Maher Awartani
Chief Strategy & Investment Officer

Maher Awartani has over 15 years of experience advising leading companies in Financial Services, Telecom[...]

Khaled Baradei
Chief Financial Officer

Khaled Baradei is the chief financial officer of APIC Group since early 2015. He joined[...]

Nader Hawari
Vice President- Corporate Operations and Business Development

Nader Hawari is APIC’s Vice President for Corporate Operations and Business Development since early 2014.[...]

Tarek Aggad
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tarek Aggad is chairman and CEO of Arab Palestinian Investment Company – APIC, an investment[...]